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With wedding season underway, lots of couples in the world are finally celebrating their love vows after many postpones. In this edit, we look at the most beautiful wedding rings at Annoushka in 2021. This British jewellery brand is the go-to place for designer wedding bands, thanks to their quality and the tasteful but somewhat ethereal shapes.

If you are still planning your wedding, or you had to move it to 2022, we hope that this edit will help you pick the token of your life love!

Most of the options we chose, are also available in other materials and colours. All of Annoushka’s diamonds above 0.25 carat are GIA certified and sustainably sourced. Follow the link or click on the picture to see the range on


Marguerite Five Stone Ring

Yellow & White Gold, £13,900

annoushka engagement ring

We start with… a twist! This is the Marguerite Yellow & White Gold Five Stone engagement ring, so officially you may have already passed that stage and he or she will have already kneeled before you! However, we just love this design and we know that a lot of couples choose specially-shaped engagement rings. This delicate floral decoration could perfectly work also as a wedding ring, to complement an eternity engagement ring or one with colourful stones. It will wonderfully match a boho or rustic wedding theme as well.

Total diamonds weight is 1.36, with the middle stone being 0.50 carat and the side ones 0.25.

Crown Ring

White Gold, £675

annoushka crown ring

Wedding day is your day, as a couple, as a new family, but absolutely also as you. Therefore, we think that you have got all the rights to be the queen of the show! This Crown 18 carat White Gold ring is embellished with round, fluid pinnacles resembling a royalty headpiece in a tasteful way.

It is completed with a high polish finish that will go well with most silver, white gold or platinum solitaires. It is also available in design variations and other colours.

Wedding Band

Gold, £750

annoushka wedding band

Now, for a classic look, the 18 Carat Gold 3mm Wedding Band. This ring has a plain, uniform look on the outside, with a special secret in the inside.

The legend goes that the fourth finger of the hand, hides a vein that goes straight to the heart. Annoushka has hidden a small 0.04 carat ruby stone in the inside of the ring, to symbolise this.

Part of the Love & Commitment collection, this wedding ring is sustainably crafted, using 100% recycled gold.

Marguerite Side Ring

White Gold, £2,200

wedding ring

The Marguerite 18 carat White Gold side ring is the perfect option to go with a solitaire engagement ring. The crescent design will gracefully embrace the main stone, to give a harmonious combination of shapes.

The small stones have a total weight of 0.20 carat.


Organza Band Ring

Gold, £1,900

This wedding ring is a great idea for an understated but fashion-forward look. Named after the traditional fabric, the 18 carat Organza Band Ring has a 5mm thickness that will easily complement stacking of more rings and jewellery on your hands and wrists for a gipsy look. The hand-hammered surface also makes it great to play with different textures and finishes.


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