Today’s Delight vs Disgust: 15.01.21

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Here at Sandrose, we like to think that we have an ear to the ground, keeping us nicely up to date and informed with all the popular culture that unfurls around us. It’s easy to miss out as the pace of trends moves very quickly. So, the Delight vs Disgust edit is an opportunity for us to have a bit of fun and share our views on what is going on; showcasing the highlights that are happening in the world around us.



twitter news

Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump. Can we get a hell yeah in here, please? 

Throughout Donald Trump’s Twitter history, he has used the platform to tweet 57,000 times. Consequently, tweeting things that have caused immeasurable emotional and now physical harm too. In an official announcement released by the platform, an extensive document has been provided demonstrating the level of harm caused and ultimately the factors that will never see Donald Trump’s presence on the platform again *air grabs*.

Two tweets written by the soon-former President were accessed and determined to fall under Twitter’s “Glorification of Violence” policy. This was determined to have encouraged/inspired people to act out the criminal acts that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

We don’t think that we will be the only ones to feel this way, but we think this may have trumped (see what we did there) all possible 2021 delights.



To break a New Year’s resolution in January is not ideal, but it’s not worth sacrificing other’s lives either. In a recent article published by the BBC a London based gym has been fined for breeching the Covid-19 rules by opening up to the public. They were hosting 3 people when the property was searched by the police.

This is a major incident when considering the recent severity of spread of the virus within the population. Hospitals are on the cusp of being overwhelmed; despite the good intentions and positives of working out, it is not worth risking the good health of the public.


written by Kiya-Ellen Rose

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