Terms & Conditions

1. Scope of the website and membership

Sand Rose was born in order to elevate your online shopping experience in luxury goods, by making presents available to our members after their purchases.

As also explained in our FAQ, the process by which we are able to do this, is via affiliate commissions. The designer / brand you shop with, will pay us a commission for recommending you to them. It will be a percentage of your purchase amount. Instead of keeping it all, we share it with you!

Different designers offer different commission percentages, and we always aim at maintaining the best balance between making a small profit for ourselves (to keep what we believe being a great, disruptive, service running) and most importantly, presenting you with awe-inspiring presents!

Here below are our Terms & Conditions of use of this website and membership.

2. Accepting the Terms & Conditions

2.1 By using our website you accept these terms and conditions. When registering a membership, you also accept the Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you should not use our website.

2.2 By using our website and when registering a membership, you also accept our Privacy Policy, which includes our Cookie Policy.

3. Glossary

3.1 By the noun present we intend a reward. This may be a physical gift (i.e. flowers, a scented candle..), a gift card, or cashback.

3.2 By the noun royalty we intend specifically cashback. When used throughout the website, the word royalty is for us to maintain a playful approach to the concept of cashback. It is not to be intended in any other economical or legal term, it does not entitle you to anything other than what described in point 5, and we are not liable for any misinterpretation of the word.

4. Membership

4.1 Each individual or business is allowed to create one membership account.

4.2 People must be 18 or older to create a membership account.

4.3 The membership account is owned by the legal owner of the email address used for registration. Any presents or other presents will be assigned to such individual or business.

4.4 It is assumed that full authority is granted for the user to use our website (i.e. from family or employer where applicable).

4.5 Membership accounts grant access to members-only editorials (blog posts and articles), and to the use of affiliate links to receive presents based on purchases. Having a membership account alone, without making any purchases with affiliate designers, does not grant any presents.

4.6 Membership accounts are free of charge.

4.7 We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a membership account in accordance to these Terms & Conditions.

5. Presents

5.1 In order to qualify for a present, you must be aware of the following:

– You must access the designer’s website via our affiliate link (First, sign in. Second, choose the designer. Third, click on “Shop Now”).

– Your purchase is tracked via cookies and other technologies specific to our website, which allow the designer to confirm who made the purchase, what was the amount, what the commission is, and where it came from. This data is currently processed via a third-party affiliate network, of international trust, reliability and experience called Sovrn (previously known as Viglink).

– You need to ensure that you and your web browser allow cookies and tracking.

– You must complete the purchase after following our affiliate link. If you interrupt the session, or navigate away from the purchase, you may cause a failure in the tracking process, and therefore in the assignment of the present to you.

– Failing to follow the above steps will result in no presents being assigned.

5.2 Other reasons that may prevent you from receiving a present:

– Payment of the commission remains at the discretion of the designer, based on the purchase being genuine. We are not liable, nor due to assign any presents if the designer does not consider a transaction to be genuine and therefore pay no commission. (An example of this could be repeat purchases).

– Returning a product, exchanging it or cancelling an order will impact the commission either by reducing it or by cancelling it completely. We are not liable, nor due to assign any presents if the products are returned and no commission is paid to us.

5.3 The final decision to pay the commission to us is the designer’s only. It is in our best interest for all purchases to generate a commission, and for this commission to be paid to us, therefore generating a present for you, and we will always make every effort for this process to be smooth, efficient and ultimately happy for all parties! However, in the event that the designer does not pay the commission to us, for whatever reason, we will not assign a present to you, and we cannot be liable for it.

5.4 In the rare event that a purchase you have made, believing to having followed the correct steps to receive a present, does not track and therefore does not appear in the purchase history, you can submit a claim for missing present. We will do our best to locate this transaction and rectify your account. We cannot guarantee that this will be successful, however it is in our best interest to resolve this, and to not have this scenario happening in the first place anyway since we rely on a strong technology.

5.5 Any presents accrued only becomes yours once physically received by you (i.e. a physical present or gift card delivered to you), or cashback withdrawn and received into your Paypal / bank account. We do not act as storage or bank, therefore the presents shown in your membership account only become legally yours once you have taken possession of them.

5.6 Physical presents and gift cards cannot be returned, nor exchanged.

5.7 You agree that the assignment or payment of any presents to you, remains in all circumstances at our discretion, and (despite our scope always remaining as per point 1) we may decide to refuse assignment and payment of any presents to you for any reason.

5.8 We will strive to make your presents available to claim at the earliest date as possible, which is targeted to be the last day of the month after your purchase was made (i.e. purchase made on 08/09/21, present should be available from 31/10/21), however delays may happen for reasons completely out of our control. We can only make presents available once commission is received.

6. Royalties

6.1 You can choose, instead of receiving a physical present or a gift card, to receive what we nicknamed a royalty, which is cashback.

6.2 You can request to withdraw cashback at any time, once it has become available as per point 5.8.

6.3 You can request to withdraw cashback only once every 24 hours period.

6.4 You can request to withdraw cashback either via Paypal or via bank transfer.

6.5 We are not liable nor responsible for the accuracy of the payment details you enter to withdraw cashback. It is your responsibility to ensure you enter the correct details. Should you enter the wrong details while withdrawing cashback, this may be unrecoverable and we cannot rectify it.

6.6 We are not liable for delays in the payment of cashback or consequences that said delays may cause, as the awaiting times between withdrawal request and crediting onto your bank or Paypal account vary. You are welcome to report any suspected delays to us, for us to look into any technical issues, however we cannot guarantee to be able to speed up processes.

6.7 We reserve the right to reject or stop cashback withdrawal requests if we suspect fraudulent activity.

7. Fraud and misuse prevention

7.1 We regularly monitor transactions happening on our website, which include your details and details of your purchases such as amount, designer, and frequency. We do this with the sole scopes of preventing fraudulent activity, and for market analysis and therefore for improving our offering and services.

7.2 We reserve the right to investigate transactions or personal details that appear suspicious, and if necessary suspend or terminate your account. If we resort to your account termination for this reason, your presents entitlement will be forfeited.

7.3 Although adopting preventive measures and always aiming at a safe user experience, we cannot guarantee that our website is free from any bugs or viruses at any time and we are not liable for any damage or loss caused by these means.

7.4 You agree not to introduce any bugs, viruses, malware, trojan or any similar malicious tools into our systems.

7.5 You agree not to attempt to gain access to any of our systems, database, servers etc. which would equal to breaking law.

7.5 We reserve the right to report any misuse or abuse of the website that indicates illegal activity, to the relevant authorities. Should we resort to this, we would cooperate with the authorities and disclose your details.

8. Your account details

8.1 You agree not to use any offensive or defamatory language in the details you use to register your membership account.

8.2 You agree to use real personal details of yours.

8.3 You can edit your personal details and contact details from your account page. You can update your marketing preferences, for which you can refer to our Privacy Policy.

8.4 You can edit your password from your account page. You should keep your password private and safe. We recommend for you to use a password that is unique to this website.

9. Termination

9.1 You have the right to terminate your membership account at any time and with no reason to be provided. This can be done by contacting us to request termination.

9.2 After termination, we will retain any transactions details for archiving and taxes purposes, however we will stop using your contact details for any marketing purposes even if you previously gave us consent.

9.3 We would obviously be sad to see you go! If you wish, at the time of requesting termination, we would warmly welcome any feedback that brought you to your decision so that we may improve our services in the future, or any actions we may take to convince you to stay with us!

9.4 Accounts that never generated a purchase and were left unused for 6 months, or that used to generate purchases but remained unused for 24 months, will be considered dormant. We reserve the right to terminate these if the dormant state is prolonged further.

10. Closure of the website or changes to its functions

10.1 In the event that for whatever reason we are forced to take down the website and its services, we will try to offer as much notice as possible, although we cannot guarantee this.

10.2 In the event that we need or want to implement major changes to the functions of the website, and whereas these changes may impact your user experience and your normal use of the website, we will also try to give you as much notice as possible.

11. Amending these Terms & Conditions

11.1 We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you check the latest version of these available on the website, before using the website.

11.2 We will strive to communicate to you any major changes to the Terms & Conditions, such as, for instance, major changes to the way presents can be claimed.

12. Editorials

12.1 Editorials are free blog posts, articles, videos, reviews, and other contents that complement our services.

12.2 We aim at providing fresh content on a regular basis, although we cannot guarantee this.

12.3 Selected editorials are only made available to registered members, at our entire discretion.

12.4 You agree not to plagiarise our contents, and you therefore agree to respect the intellectual property of the contents we generate.

12.5 If you have got any complaints about our contents, you are welcome to address them to us by contacting us, so that we can review them. It is our aim to create engaging contents that promote respect, positivity and goodness. Should we miss this, please do let us know.

12.6 The opinions expressed in the editorials are the writer’s own, and do not represent The Sand Rose Group’s standing points or values, unless explicitly specified so.

13. Contents sharing

13.1 You are welcome to link our website or our social media channels for reasons of promotion, recommendation to friends or audiences, or any other positive, fair representation.

13.2 You agree not to link our website or social media channels in a way that damages our reputation or defames us. You are welcome to raise a complaint with us, instead, if you think there are areas of improvement for us.

13.3 You agree not to advertise yourself as being linked to our website or social media channels as an ambassador or representative of the company, or that, on the contrary, you are endorsed by us where no such bilateral agreements or arrangements have been made.

13.4 You agree not to link our website to anything that we may consider inappropriate, offensive, immoral or gratuitous. We reserve the right to stop such linking without notice.

14. Governing Law

14.1 These Terms & Conditions are governed by English Law. We always refer to the scope of the website as per point 1, and we also wish that any complaints will be resolved positively and peacefully. However, in the case of unresolved disputes, the courts of England and Wales have got exclusive jurisdiction upon these terms whether you are a customer or a business. Customers resident in Northern Ireland or Scotland may bring proceedings in the courts of the respective countries.

15. Trade Marks

15.1 Sand Rose is a registered trade mark of The Sand Rose Group Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 12581231.

15.2 All of the contents published on our website are our own intellectual property, unless otherwise specified, and protected by copyright law. All rights are reserved.

16. Contacts

The Sand Rose Group Ltd

4th Floor, Silverstream House

45 Fitzroy Street, London


Company No. 12581231

[email protected]

These Terms & Conditions were last updated on: 03/11/2020