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Gently soothing the conscience of the industry, Sustainability is the latest buzzword that is beginning to see brands adopt a more mindful approach to design, as consumers demand a conscious approach to consumerism.

Monica Vinader has proudly exclaimed that by the end of 2020 their collections will be the product of good intentions. They aim to be using 100% recycled silver to contribute to a circular economy.

With their Repair, Rewear and Recycle motto in mind, we have picked the absolute must-haves, to evoke a sense of glamour and guilt-free purchases into your style.

Alta Mini and Pearl Bracelet Set

Set in 18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver. The freshwater baroque pearl charm is rainbow in lustre and features a natural, irregular silhouette. The characteristics of each pearl are entirely unique which is the essence of their beauty. Playfully versatile, attach as many or as little charms as you please, as the statement links are fully customisable allowing you to express your individuality and personal story until the links purely run out.

Vermeil is a technique of heritage and is straight out of the 19th Century. A technique where Gold is applied to Sterling Silver to create pieces that look like they are solid Gold without the price. It’s  a perfect technique for producing pieces that are kinder on the environment by repurposing what is already available.


Source: Pinterest @MonicaVinader

Gold Vermeil Siren Coin Necklace set

Cast from an ancient coin from around the time that the Iceni people would have been settled in Norfolk, the Siren Coin is a must-have talisman for power and independence. Set in 18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver, this unique Siren Large Coin Gemstone pendant charm features one organic shaped, rose cut Green Onyx gemstone, representing ‘protection’. The perfect gift to yourself, the Siren Coin Necklace set features both the Small and Large Siren Coin Pendant charms, so you are guaranteed to be layered to perfection.


Source: Pinterest @JohnLewisAndPartners

Siren Fine Chain Bracelet

Inspired by sea-worn treasures and the glamour of southern Italy, the iconic Siren collection features vibrant coloured rose-cut genuine gemstones set in organic shapes and striking silhouettes. The organic oval shaped Kyanite gemstone in this delicate bracelet is rose cut to bring out its unique tones and natural variation.

Source: Pinterest @MonicaVinader

Nura Teardrop Eternity Ring

The Nura collection features simplified organic pieces, taking a form inspired by sea-tumbled pebbles, reef fragments and high-polished shells and nuggets. The Nura Teardrop Eternity Ring offers a natural silhouette for a striking style. Set in sterling silver the simplicity of this ring exudes grace.

Source: Pinterest @MonicaVinader

Siren Tonal Cluster Cocktail Ring

Vibrant, unique and full of style, this iconic ring brings semi-precious gemstones to life for a fresh everyday look. This striking Siren Tonal Cluster Cocktail ring features ten organic shaped, rose cut Rock Crystal, Chrysoprase, Green Onyx and Amazonite gemstones set in 18ct Gold Vermeil. Standout in style.

sustainable jewellery, vermeil

Source: Pinterest @MonicaVinader

Alta Capture Mixed Metal Charm Necklace

The original statement links, est. 2017, that puts you in control. Clasping links allow you to play with lengths by adding or removing links, add pendant charms or wear alone for a statement stack. The Alta Capture Mixed Metal Charm Necklace is a limited piece, but a new, mixed metal take on our bestselling Alta Capture Necklace. Wear alone, add pendant charms to the hinged links, or add to your wrist stack for a foolproof, wear-anytime-anywhere look. Versatility as its finest.


sustainable jewellery, vermeil, monica vinader

Source: Pinterest @MonicaVinader

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