Salvation Mountain

Sand Rose

written by Zak

“You really believe in Love, then”

“Yeah! Totally”

As I walk through the myriad of wonky desert sticks and clay red flowers, looking at the low sun rays filtering through the car door bolted in the ceiling, I think about the melancholic sense of liberty, fullness and spontaneous love from Into the Wild.

I try to imagine myself as a free-rein Emilie Hirsch in his pursuit of life’s endlessness. I try. Am I succeeding? Somehow it doesn’t feel like I am.

I step out of the labyrinth of rainbow clutter, and I stare at the horizon of the Californian plain. It’s dry, rugged and smells salty. I climb up the staircase, to reach the cross, where I kneel down. Not that I wanna pray – I am literally just stretching my thighs; I am not even 30 but a short walk and I am KO.

30… The guy who built this place took 30 years of his life and devoted them to assembling this mass of shambles in a completely arid land, and painted it so hard that they named it the Technicolor Mountain. All of this in the name of Jesus. I don’t know if I believe in that, but in love… Yeah, I think so.

I pull out my phone. I promised that I wouldn’t have, I said to myself that I would have recorded the memorable moment of being on top of Salvation Mountain with the eye of my mind. But then…

“Hey check this guys. The view is insane and… these blue stripes match my linen trousers!”

“It’s a waterfall”

I have to pause the video. “Pardon me?”

“It’s a waterfall. The stripes”

Alright, I’ll put the phone back into my pocket. Can’t focus on getting life’s fullness in; nor work on my social stories; not even stretch my legs, without these tourists around here thinking that I am praying.

Well, at least I came here. I open my satchel and pull out my journey log. Brush off the sand dust from its printed leather cover, and flick the pages to today’s date. My fountain pen takes a couple of dry strokes before waking up, and then follows my hand’s guidance to write:

“I remember the joke. It went like, I really love it here, the freedom of this place is just so beautiful; I wouldn’t move for 10 Million dollars… unless I had that!

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