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In the bleak mid-winter, we are expected to leave the comfort and warmth of the four walls that surround us to battle the wintry elements for one reason or another. It is the season where what’s underneath doesn’t count and its purely all about the outwear. In this outwear edit we will be selecting seasonal must-haves from the Swedish brand Acne Studios.

Did you know that the contemporary, ready-to-wear fashion house is not a reference to an unpopular skin disorder, but an anagram of ‘Ambition to Create Novel Expressions’? Quintessentially cool is the aesthetic, but that comes with being a Swedish brand. “If you’re from Sweden, you grew up with Swedish design – it’s in your DNA, functionality,” says creative director Jonny Johansson and this approach to creation is apparent within their collections. Juxtaposing design, emphasising tailoring and accentuating custom developed fabrics, all inspired by Johansson’s interest in photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture.

Here at Sand Rose we have devised a list of Seasonal Outwear from Acne Studios that will brighten up the gloom and inspire you to get outside and flaunt the beauty that comes from investing in cool, considered design.


High Neck Wool Coat

Cream/Beige, £750

acne coat

The Acne Studios cream beige coat is crafted from boiled wool for extra warmth, shaped into to an oversized, A-line silhouette with a wide funnel neckline and sleeves and adorned with tonal ceramic buttons. The silhouette is casual enough to entertain a humble afternoon walk but also understatedly-elegant enough to entertain the prospect of a social event. Also available in black, this high-neck coat would be an addition any wardrobe would be gifted to include.


Printed Down Jacket

Dark Grey Stripe, £750

acne jacket

Who said you cannot make a trip to the supermarket fashion? The slouchy-chic execution of the Acne Studios dark grey quilted down jacket, compliments every day practicalities but ensures you are protected from the elements when doing so. Made of a striped cotton blend with a printed back, the composition of the jacket is predominantly cotton, filled with duck down and feathers for sumptuous quality.


Striped Coat

Pink and Brown, £750

acne coat

Okay, so not to jump the gun as we are deep into winter but this Acne Studios pink/brown single-breasted striped coat is the perfect transitional piece from Winter to Spring. Made of a linen blend with a relaxed fit, it can be layered with thick knits during winter but is the perfect palette to welcome spring. It features button closures, enough pockets to not know what to do with them (including two interior pockets) and is partially lined.


Cropped Jacket

Vanilla Yellow, £650

acne jacket

Combat the gloom of overcast skies and dreary rain with this Vanilla Yellow Cropped Jacket from Acne Studios, inspiring sunshine within your wardrobe. Constructed out of a wool and alpaca wool blend, sumptuous in quality, a sharp slick cut with bold button closures. Protest against the winter in this cropped jacket.


Shearling Jacket

Black, £1,900

acne shearling

Acne Studios shearling jacket is crafted with soft lamb shearling and framed with tonal leather trims. The joy of owning a black jacket is that it is practical and enduring, especially if you are considering never taking something as sumptuous and classic as this off during the winter period. Sitting comfortable across the shoulders, Acne Studios has designed a piece that falls loose throughout the frame capitalising on comfort.

Written by Kiya-Ellen Rose. Pictures source: acnestudios.com

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