Our Story


The desert is a blank page, an open, endless horizon where you can shape your path, embrace your freedom, be, you. The desert can be scorching hot, temperate, or hibernating. It can swarm with life or be barren. It can wear all the colours of the world: the green and blue oasis, the golden sunset, the purple-black night sky, the red sand.

In the desert you may see tribal dances, racing horses, bonfires, scimitar wars, or maybe one lonely adventurer finding their own journey. You may spend your time enchanted by the myriad of stars in the vault of heavens, or you may encounter the Queen of Sheba, bearer of gifts and gold.

Whatever your journey, this is your place of exploration, your personal escape and your own horizon.

What moves us

Shopping luxury brands has become less and less exciting. We are overwhelmed by ads and we are pushed to spend more and more often. Meanwhile, loyalty programmes such as VIP clients discounts have been slowly disappearing, being replaced by experience-driven rewards.

This is why, together with you, we want to escape to the desert, our frontier, to talk fashion freely and to feel grounded, in control. We want to bring back the sense of being rewarded after giving your trust and your life efforts to a beautiful luxury designer. We want you to get more for your loyalty, and in the process, we also grow our small reinterpretation of shopping luxury designers online.

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