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With the promise of work from home lingering into the near future, office-wear is well truly pushed to the back of the wardrobe, and Zoom-worthy loungewear is the only thing on our mind.

2020 has seen loungewear single-handedly support the future of the fashion industry and as we navigate a pandemic that took us all by surprise; loungewear is prevailing to be the wardrobe staple that sees restrictive garments getting the boot from our daily lives as we continue to work from home.

N.Peal is renowned for partnering exceptional quality with timeless style, providing luxurious cashmere to the stars. When considering luxury, it is described as being in a state of great comfort, so we have selected the most luxurious loungewear to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.


Leggings – Fumo Grey – £259

npeal, leggings, cashmere

Legging truly are the marmite of garments, but there is no denying the level of comfort experienced when wearing them. N.Peal’s Fumo Grey leggings are made using a worsted yarn which makes them much lighter and a perfect transitional piece suitable for any lockdown wardrobe.

The 70% cashmere retains the luxury whilst the 30% silk helps give the garment a coolness to the touch. A great addition to any wardrobe, versatile, luxurious and stylish. The fabrication is 70% Cashmere 30% Silk.


Superfine Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper – Ivory White – £249

npeal, cashmere, jumper, roll neck jumper, roll neck cashmere jumper, cream jumper

A roll neck is a wardrobe must have and in true N.Peal style, the Ivory White oozes luxury and class – perfect for a Zoom meeting or a date with the sofa. Made from superfine cashmere, this jumper is 100% worsted yarn which makes the garment extremely light and wonderfully soft. In Ivory white, this piece is completely in tune with this season’s colour palette. This is the perfect garment for nailing the meaning of luxurious loungewear. Fabrication is 100% Superfine Cashmere.


Womens Plain Short Socks – Pink – £59

npeal, npeal socks, pink socks, cashmere socks

Fabulous as a gift or a personal treat (adds to basket), N.Peal offers their staple short socks in a colour way to suit every personality. Made from 85% Mongolian cashmere for comfort and softness with 15% nylon for some added wear and tear. 85% Cashmere 15% Nylon


Frill Cashmere Cape – Ivory White – £695

npeal, npeal cape, ivory cape, cashmere cape

A delightfully indulgent ribbed cape with a frill edging in 100% Mongolian cashmere – utter luxury from N.Peal for this season. Wonderful to wear to dress up pyjamas for a surprise Teams call or even as an exaggerated house coat, this cape will keep you so warm and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Shown here in New Ivory, warm and soft without too much cream. Perfect. 100% Cashmere.


Stripe Detail Cashmere Lounge Trousers – Fumo & Charcoal Stripe – £279

npeal, npeal trousers

Second only to our brilliant NHS (oh, and Captain Tom.. and the Queen’s speech.. and.. Deliveroo..?), but lounge trousers are the next true emblem of lockdown living! These here are a pair we should all have tucked away in our wardrobe. Hands down the most comfortable trouser you will ever own – N.Peal has partnered luxury and comfort by using 100% Mongolian cashmere with a slimming and on trend stripe the length of the outer leg. Wonderful for sashaying around the house, this will be your go-to trouser for lockdown 2.0.

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written by Kiya-Ellen Rose

source of pictures: www.npeal.com and Pinterest @NpealCashmere0011

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