Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reward me for shopping?

The designer you shop with, will pay us a small commission for recommending you to them. It will be a percentage of your purchase amount. Instead of keeping it all, we share it with you!

It is important that you access the designer’s website from your Sand Rose members’ area, or they won’t give us the commission.

Do I need to leave my card and bank account details?

We do not need your card details, ever.

If you want to receive a Royalty via bank transfer, you will need to leave your bank account number and sort code. We can and will only use this to pay money to you, never the other way around. You can also receive cash rewards via Paypal or as a gift card.

When will I receive my rewards?

Simply, as soon as the designer pays us, we will bring you your reward! This is normally the last day of the month after your purchase (i.e. you shop on 20/10/2020, the commission is paid on 31/11/2020).

What Presents can I receive?

At the £30 Royalties mark, we will try to make you go “WOW!” with a small surprise. It will be a little treat such as fresh flowers, a luxurious scent diffuser, an enigmatic crystal… who knows? You will be notified via email when you have reached the threshold to claim your reward. Alternatively, you can wait until you reach £100 of Royalties to receive a Large Present! This would be worth about double the above treats, and likely come from our affiliated designer brands.

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase price to earn rewards?

To receive a Present, yes. You need to accrue £30 of Royalties. You will be notified via email when you have reached this threshold.

To receive Royalties, no, there is no minimum or maximum purchase price. However please refer to each offer details or designer’s own T&C, as some brands may limit the number of units of one same item that may be purchased.

Will I get my presents anyway if I return my purchase?

Designers will only pay us commissions (on which your reward is based) if the items are not returned for refund. If you refund all your purchased item, no reward can be given. If you refund part of the purchased items, your reward will be recalculated based on what you keep.

What if I need to return my purchase?

You will need follow the designer’s own return policy and liaise directly with them. Most designers will send you your purchase with a pre-paid return slip, or they may let you return the items to their stores, please just check with them. We cannot help with purchases and returns.

When I shop, do the goods come from you?

No, you shop directly from your favourite brands’ websites. Access from our designers page in order to receive your presents from us.

What if I made a purchase and I can’t see it on my account?

Please allow up to 5 working days for the purchase to show on your account. In the rare event that it doesn’t, let us know and we will investigate.

What’s the difference between a Present and a Royalty?

Royalties are actual money! You will earn a cash Royalty for every purchase you make. You can withdraw your Royalties with Paypal, as a bank transfer or as a gift card.

Presents are… actual gifts! Reach £30 of Royalties and we will send you a tailored Present!