Today’s Delight vs Disgust: 23.11.20

Sand Rose

written by Kiya-Ellen Rose

Here at Sand Rose, we like to think that we have an ear to the ground, keeping us nicely up to date and informed with all the popular culture that unfurls around us. It’s easy to miss out as the pace of trends moves very quickly. So, the Delight vs Disgust edit is an opportunity for us to have a bit of fun and share our views on what’s going on and to showcase the highlights that are happening around us.


Info sourced from: Colossal

Sometimes, feelings can be overwhelming, beautiful and completely irrational. However, “Joshua Limon Palisoc draws on the tenets of Filipino Psychology to inform his life-sized figures that radiate from the inside. Using mesh-like forms of soldered metal, the artist conveys the idea that the physical body is simply a vessel for the soul. LED lights nestled within the anatomical sculptures emit a warm glow through the seams, blurring the boundary between inner and outer selves.”

The exhibition will be held on November 29 at Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Philippines and we wish we could see the exhibition for ourselves in the flesh (see what we did there?). Spellbinding and an utter delight on the eyes.


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Info sourced from: The Guardian/Estee Laundry (instagram)

When we consider sustainability, it’s easy to just assume it’s solely an environmental consideration. However, sustainability extends across four pillars and social is one that is seeing many brands come under fire. Lush being included. The “ethical” brand Lush has recently admitted to underpaying their staff in Australia by $4.4M dollars over a period of nearly a decade. As a brand that preaches ethical practise it does make us question the integrity of the brand, however, The Guardian‘s article proclaims that the “British-based firm prides itself on its hand-made products and ethical supply chain”. Phew. We hope this is a lesson learned…


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