Montblanc – The art of writing instruments

Meisterstück is the German for masterpiece, and that’s what Montblanc humbly (and deservedly!) named one of its most famous fountain pens. They boast over 100 years of expertise in the craftsmanship of luxury writing instruments, which are made in their hometown of Hamburg, in northern Germany.

Montblanc takes its name and iconic logo from the mountaintop of the tallest mount in Europe, nearby which they also produce fine watches. Travelling is a strong part of their ethos, and they now range also travel accessories and new technology such as headphones and augmented paper for digitalising notes, tales and sketches.

Their storytelling goes along with the fantasy and creativity that can stem while holding one of their writing creations: recent features include The Little Prince, an ode to water and the Blue Planet, and cinema icons Spike Lee, Taron Egerton and Chen Kun.

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Featured picture is from Montblanc’s website. Copyright of owner.