Monica Vinader – Delicacy of shapes for sustainable jewellery

From its Norfolk creative studio, and through the expert hands of gem cutters and artisanal jewellery craftsmen around the world, Monica Vinader has been widening the horizons of luxury custom jewellery design since 2008.

Founder and current CEO and Creative Director of her brand, Monica Vinader was pursuing a successful career and found herself in South America, when she decided to start giving life to some of her own creations. Demand and popularity rose quickly, and the company now boasts influential women as brand lovers: Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo, and Emma Watson just to name a few!

A lot of research and ethical standards goes into the choice of gems and diamonds: Monica Vinader is transitioning to recycled Sterling Silver to reduce waste, and also welcomes and encourages repairs. They also use Vermeil, which is a better quality version of gold plating. We looked at her best pieces in our Sustainable Edit.

Personalisation is also available.

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Featured picture is from Monica Vinader’s website. Copyright of owner.