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Many of us are about to pack the luggage and finally go get some proper summer time. That means making sure you are all geared up to enjoy some good holiday training – in fashion! In this article we look at our top picks from our favourite fitness and streetwear brand, Alo Yoga.

The Fall 21 collections may be called so, however its colours shout “Summer” all over! A vibrant Neon Pink and a pastel yellow called Buttercup are fun, flirty and will go perfectly with a hint of tan on your skin… or freckles! There are also more vibrant colour combinations such as Alo Blue/Cherry and a similar-khaki Anthracite/Highlighter.

The playful palette is complemented by two shades of grey, which will be excellent all-year-round staples in your training wardrobe.


Pixie Bra

Neon Pink, £43

The Pixie Bra is a distinctive Alo Yoga piece, thanks to its asymmetrical design and soft sculpting shape. It goes great with anything high-waist, such as the matching Biker Shorts or a tennis-style mini skirt.

When you come out of the gym or studio in the evening breeze, pop a cream hoodie on, a pair of washed fringed jeans and you have a perfectly casual and flirty street outfit!


Alo x Frankies Bikinis Tatum Top

Black Checker, £59

alo yoga bikini

In this collab with Miami swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis, Alo proposes 3 tops and 2 bottoms that can be mixed and matched, and also a one-piece. We chose the Tatum Top because of its cool and fun front wrap detail.

This nylon and spandex bikini top comes in 4 different colours. However, we just LOVE this chequered pattern and let’s be honest, the colour echoes those brands that we all like. No need to make names.. *cough Gucci LV *cough *cough…


Choice Polo

Buttercup, £45

alo yoga polo

Yes, Wimbledon may be just behind us, but the sunny days aren’t! This polo shirt is the perfect cut for a relaxed rooftop cocktail with your friends. You see it here in a sporty look, but just imagine it with a pair of cargo trousers in white and some chunky jewellery!


Illusion Seamless Leggings

Alo Blue / Cherry, £72

yoga leggings

OK, back into fitness mode! Leggings are some of the reasons Alo is known for and these are special ones: the fabrication makes them shift colour as they contour the body! They are also available in the combination Anthracite/Highlighter and Electric Violet/Acid Lime.

Style them with a matching bra or with a relaxed cropped top like this one.

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